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Services Offered

Basically, whatever it takes to make your book shine.  Some services I offer are listed below.  However, this isn’t the limit.  If you don’t see a specific task addressed, but it falls within the manuscript creation realm, I’m willing to try anything.  No job is too big or too small!  Rates will be negotiated on a job-by-job basis. 

I can do: 

  • Straight (but deep, sentence by sentence) proofreading.  Basically if you just want to make sure everything is spelled correctly, all commas are where they should be, all sentences are punctuated correctly, all subjects agree with the predicates, etc.  No changes to word choice.  I will make the occasional judgment call on punctuation and grammar—I’ll just flag whatever part and let you make the informed choice to change or retain.  Note that I go by the Chicago Manual of Style and not AP, so we will be using Oxford commas.

  • Copyediting.  Same as above, with more attention to word choice and sentence structure.  Making sure your message is being conveyed properly and that sentences aren’t ambiguous when they don’t need to be.

  • Developmental editing.  The full edit.  A deeper dive into what you’re trying to say, line by line.  Looking for what works and what may not.  A close look at your manuscript that may include suggestions for switching things around and dropping bits that aren’t landing properly.  Research for nonfiction as needed.

  • Self-publishing consultation.  If you’re self-publishing, you want your book to look and read as close to something coming from one of the big houses as possible.  I have extensive experience in bookstores, so I can also give tips for attracting bookseller interest, and what to expect when pitching your book to independent stores. (Only if you need help beyond what's in my "Self-Published Authors" section.)

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