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My BlogThis is my personal blog.  It is about various subjects (music, fiction, whatever else I feel like writing about).  Does contain abundant profanity.  Bulk Masterson, Handsome Cable TV Repairman to the Stars, is a nom de plume I’ve been known to use.  It’s taken from a joke on the short-lived (but excellent) sitcom Raising Hope (available on Hulu!).


My Hometown Bookstore, Park Road Books: Disclosure: my wife Sally and I are the owners, though I am rarely in the store myself.  Please note that my business is entirely separate from the store, and I am therefore unable to intercede with the store on your behalf. 


Bookshop: Want to buy online from your favorite indie bookstore?  Need to find an indie bookstore near where you live so you can learn more about them?  Look no further. Do you prefer listening to audiobooks instead?  Or do you have a long commute and you’re tired of the radio?  Download your favorite audiobooks here and help your local indie bookstore (or any indie bookstore you want). 


American Booksellers AssociationThe primary organization for independent booksellers nationwide, but they also have resources for authors.


Southern Independent Booksellers’ Alliance (SIBA): The Southeastern version of the ABA.  A membership may be worth your while.  If you’re an author and have a book that is in print and available at Bookshop/Indiebound, the yearly fee is $195.  If you’re brand new and haven’t finished a book yet, you’ll have to get an associate membership, which is $500.   


You can find me on Facebook under Frazer Dobson.  I am not on Instagram or Twitter; I do have a nominal presence on both platforms, but I never post on or check them.

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